An organizational ombudsperson is a designated neutral dispute resolution practitioner whose major function is to provide independent, impartial, confidential and informal assistance. – Wikipedia


Katherine Y. Biala, MS, RN, CCM

Milestone MMA
5588 North Palm Ave., Suite 105
Fresno, California 93704

Cell: (599) 903-0604
Office: (559) 435-7701
Fax: (559) 412-7044

The ombudsperson is an independent, trained professional who serves as a completely confidential and off-the-record resource for employees at all levels (from staff to supervisors, from individuals to groups of employees). The aim is to enhance the ability of an employee to deal effectively with any work-related concerns they may have. An ombudsperson’s role is to objectively consider all sides of an issue and advocate for the fair and timely resolution of problems an employee brings to his/her attention.

Milestone MMA is uniquely available to trend workplace issues while strictly adhering to individual confidentiality. This allows Milestone MMA to receive valuable information for system improvement that would not otherwise be accessible. The ombudsperson may make recommendations for system improvement, but does not participate in any management decision making or approval of organizational policy and procedure.

The ombudsperson acts as a trusted resource, a complaint handler, facilitator of conflict resolution, a mediator between or among willing parties, consultant, communication pathway to persons of authority, change agent and confidant to those inhibited from speaking.

Milestone MMA will —

  • Listen to concerns
  • Keep information confidential
  • Help clarify your concerns
  • Work with employees to identify and evaluate a wide range of options
  • Provide an employee with appropriate resources and coaching
  • Assist in achieving outcomes consistent with the ethical values of the organization
  • Facilitate discussions between an employee and other willing individuals toward resolution
  • Proactively identify workplace issues and provide general trending information to administration to prevent issues from recurring
  • Direct an employee to where a formal complaint can be filed within the organization

Milestone MMA will not —

  • Breach confidentiality
  • Address concerns that are not work related
  • Take sides
  • Conduct formal or in-depth investigations
  • Keep formal or written records
  • Determine policy
  • Make management decisions or policy changes
  • Accept notice of formal claims or wrongdoing on behalf of the organization