An organizational ombudsperson is a designated neutral dispute resolution practitioner whose major function is to provide independent, impartial, confidential and informal assistance. – Wikipedia


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An ombudsperson is a designated neutral person who provides confidential and informal assistance in resolving concerns and disagreements. An ombudsperson investigates complaints, reports findings, and mediates fair settlements, especially between an individual or group of individuals and an institution or organization. As an independent, impartial, and confidential party, the ombudsperson serves as an alternative means of dispute resolution by which issues may be raised, considered, given appropriate referral, and/or resolved.

When you participate in our ADR program, our ombudsperson is available to help you during the life of your claim.

Barbara Shogren Lies has been the Ombudsperson for the Laborers’ Workers’ Compensation Trust since 2001. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has worked in the workers’ compensation field since 1983. She may be contacted for questions, concerns, or assistance in resolving disputes. Her job is to provide information and assistance to both employees and employers in the ADR program.