What is Collectively Bargained Workers’ Compensation?

Collectively Bargained Workers’ Compensation (CBWC) is a replacement of the conventional system of workers’ compensation benefit delivery and dispute resolution brought about by a Union and its Signatory Contractors through the collective bargaining process.

Through the use of a unique Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, Exclusive Medical Provider Networks, and other cooperative Labor-Management components, these programs expedite the process of administering and settling workers’ compensation claims.

What are the Benefits?

  • Access to quality medical care
  • A knowledgeable, proactive liaison to help navigate the claims process – the Ombudsman
  • Faster recovery and return to work for injured workers
  • A fast and simple dispute resolution process – ADR – that saves time and aggravation
  • A proven means to control and reduce claims costs
  • A means to prevent or mitigate expensive and time consuming litigation
  • Reduction of worker’s compensation premiums

We believe there are significant expense reductions in your overall workers’ compensation program by participation in the ADR Group Insurance Program.

  • The time devoted by your staff processing and following up on claims should be reduced.
  • Your employee will receive high quality and timely medical treatment by an approved medical panel approved by labor and management.
  • The program offers competitive workers’ compensation premiums including group and ADR credits.
  • Your overall workers’ compensation program will benefit by better controlling loss reserves and reduced claim expenses resulting in reduction of your experience modification.
  • A major benefit of ADR is your ability to be pro-active within the claims process. You can communicate directly with the ombudsman and participate in the mediation/arbitration process so that your interests are well represented.

Who Can Join?

Signatory Contractors affiliated with the sponsoring Labor Union and Contractors Association as outlined in the Master Labor Agreement.